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Our mission at Elmhurst, Inc. is to encourage independence and to support responsible decision making by people with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness in the mid coast area. As part of our efforts to reach these goals, we have established an art program for our consumers. It’s purpose is to provide opportunities for individuals who choose to explore and express their creativity through artistic means.

Artists are exposed to a variety of media. Painting, sculpture, jewelry making, quilting, photography, basket weaving and pottery are among the available options open to the consumers. Works are displayed at the studio and various locations in the community. Additionally, we hope to find art galleries willing to showcase these pieces. In order to help facilitate the creative process, we utilize a number of volunteers and paid staff to work with consumers on an individual basis when needed. Featured artists are also invited as guests to the studio. Artists will be able to showcase and sell their art several times a year.

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    Jeffrey is a realistic artist. He likes to work with clay to create pottery and animals. All of Jeffrey's art contains vivid colors. His work is sure to catch your eye!
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    Eddie sees the world in his own light, he often uses longer lines to portray subjects in a linear fashion. He is a painter of a wide variety of subjects; landscapes, the sea, and still lives are just a few of his favorites. Expressionism can be seen as a common thread throughout Eddie's work.
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    Trent is interested in painting many things; small villages, Maine lighthouses, bouquets of flowers, and his personal favorite, horses. He has done several horse stitcheries as well. His work often begins with realism but he has a tendency to lean towards expressionism by the end.
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    Arthur loves using bright colors and dots in all of his work. His work is well thought out and very interesting. He sees the world from a semi-realistic point of view.
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    Sonya enjoys drawing her friends and famous people. Her favorite is Abraham Lincoln. They often appear riding strange jungle animals. Her favorite medium for these works are markers. When using acrylic paint, her favorite subjects are often animals, whether meek or wild; they are done in a style which is hers alone.
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    Eric G
    Eric is an artist who enjoys the vivid colors which acrylic paints provide. He enjoys painting simplified shapes and objects. Eric also enjoys working with clay and doing stitchery. The realistic tendency shows through with his stitchery. Expressionism is more evident in his acrylic paintings.
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    John's style of painting involves heavy, bright colors. Painted subjects remain as they are in reality but are simplified to define lines. He lives in a coastal village which influences his favorite works. They include outdoor scenes, the ocean and its life, as well as wild flowers and animals. John paints in acrylic and watercolor.
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    Stephanie is a happy talkative artist whose work reflects her spirit. She enjoys working with clay and doing stitchery as well as painting. Flowers, the seashore, and exotic fish are favorite subjects of hers. They are usually colorful and reflect an impressionistic art form.
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    Ted loves participating in the art program. He usually chooses bright, bold colors in all of his work, his favorites being blue and green. These colors suit his artistic taste for the abstract.
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    Roger is a precise and organized artist and his work shows this, whether his is working on an acrylic painting or doing a stitchery. His lines and colors are always true to life. Roger lived on a farm for many years so he truly appreciates the outdoors and the beauty it beholds.

For more information please contact Activity Supervisor, or call (207) 443-9783